A Modern Formal Logic Primer

Textbook Title: A Modern Formal Logic Primer

Textbook Description:
This free etextbook online covers the topics of Transcription between English and Sentence Logic, Validity and Conditionals, Natural Deduction for Sentence Logic: Fundamentals, Natural Deduction for Sentence Logic: Strategies, Truth Tree for Sentence Logic: Fundamentals, Truth Trees for Sentence Logic: Applications, Predicate Logic: Syntax, Identity, Functions, and Definite Descriptions, Metatheory: The Basic Concepts, Soundness and Completeness for Sentence Logic Trees, Koenig’s Lemma, Compactness, and Generalization to Infinite Sets of Premises, and Interpretations, Soundness, and Completeness for Predicate Logic. Each volume of this textbook is broken into individual chapters. And each volume has an associated solutions manual.

Author: Paul Teller
Subjects: Mathematics
Key words: Mathematics, Logic
Download URL: http://tellerprimer.ucdavis.edu/

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