About TextBookGo

TextBookGo is building the largest online resource for free etextbooks for college. All of the online textbooks we provide are 100% free for you to use. All of the textbooks we provide are open source and have been approved by the publishers license and terms for free use. We do not list or distribute textbook torrents or illegal copies of copyrighted textbooks. Want to help promote the use of free etextbooks? Please submit free etextbooks to our growing database, and encourage your school and college professors to consider utilizing free etextbooks for their courses and/or programs.

About eTextbooks

An etextbook is sometimes called an electronic textbook, e-textbook, or digital textbook, however all names are referring to the same item. An etextbook is typically a text and image-based publication in a digital format, which is readable on computers, tablets, phones, or other digital devices.

Etextbooks are quickly gaining in popularity across college campuses. Many individuals and schools are realizing the benefits of having access to textbooks on their computers, phones, and tablet devices. Not only do etextbooks help promote a greener lifestyle, many students also find it much more convenient to have all of their textbooks accessible via a single device, rather than individual hardcopy textbooks.