Free College Textbooks For All Of My Courses?

Q: Is it possible to get free college textbooks online for all of my college courses?

A: The realistic probability of finding free college textbooks online for every single one of your college courses is unlikely. Etextbook and digital textbook versions of hard-copy textbooks are becoming more readily available to college students, however many of these etextbooks and digital textbooks still cost money.

In an attempt to gain access to a majority of their required college textbooks, some college students take to the controversial act of illegally downloading copies of etextbooks and digitals textbooks books, however illegally downloading copyrighted material comes with risks. Those caught illegally downloading copyrighted material (including textbooks) could face large fines and/or other penalties.

While it may not be likely to find all of the required textbooks, for all of your college courses, there are more and more free college textbooks online becoming available. By using sites (such as TextBookGo) that offer a searchable database of free college textbooks online, students may be able to find a few of their required course textbooks free of charge. Taking the time to search for free college textbooks online could end up saving you money on textbooks you would have otherwise had to purchase.


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