Textbook Torrents

Q: What are textbook torrents are textbook torrents legal to download, and does FreeEtextbooksOnline.com offer textbook torrents to download?

A: When people refer to “textbook torrents”, they are technically referring to the files, which contain metadata used for BitTorrent, a downloading process in which a file or group of files is transmitted from one computer to another computer. However, in more simplistic terms “textbook torrents” are textbooks in a digital format being uploaded and downloaded by users of a file-sharing network. Similar to music, videos, and software, textbooks are become popular among peer-to-peer file sharing networks, and sites offering textbook torrents are gaining in popularity, likely due to the high market price sof textbooks.

Textbook torrents can be copyrighted textbooks (in their digital format) being shared illegally (free of charge), or depending on the copyright, some textbook torrents may be completely legal for download. If textbook torrents contain copyrighted material, than similar to copyrighted mp3 or movie files, they are illegal to download from free file sharing sites. If you download textbook torrents containing copyrighted material, it is illegal and you do so at your own risk. FreeEtextbooksOnline.com does not offer textbook torrents, host any files or textbook torrents on our site, or do we provide links or information to where textbook torrents can be located. FreeEtextbooksOnline.com only lists open source textbooks that are legal for download, and free of any charge. The authors of all of the etextbooks found on our site give students legal permission to use the material at no cost.

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