Are Free Textbook Downloads Safe

Q: What are some tips for keeping my computer or tablet safe when obtaining free textbook downloads?

A: Free textbook downloads are a great resource for college students looking to cut some of the costs of college. There are many safe free textbook downloads available, however when downloading any files from any source it is important to follow a few safety tips to ensure you do not harm your computer or tablet device.

Before you begin any free textbook downloads, make certain you have the latest updates and security patches on your devices operating system, this may help minimize damage if one of the free textbook downloads is corrupt. It is always recommended to use some kind of anti-virus software and keep it current, if you plan on utilizing free textbook downloads and/or any other type of downloads. Lastly, it is very important to ONLY download internet files from trusted sources. If you’re unsure if the files you want to download are safe, consider downloading them to a drive separate from your hard drive, and then scan the files with your virus scanner.


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